Leveraging Reverse Mortgage Proceeds During a Down Market

While the market is down, there’s a way to help your clients avoid readjusting their retirement lifestyle. A reverse mortgage could be just the solution for an additional funding source that doesn’t depend on the stock market. And with record-low interest rates, there has never been a better time for your senior clients to tap […]

Longbridge Platinum: Borrower Uses

While more and more seniors today are using a reverse mortgage to improve their monthly cash flow in retirement, there’s a growing market of savvy seniors who have more lavish goals in mind. Check out our video to see some of the many ways borrowers are leveraging Platinum to fund the retirement of their dreams.

What Does a Reverse Mortgage Mean for Your Clients’ Heirs

In talking with senior clients, you already have a great understanding of how much they value their families. And when it comes to reverse mortgages and family members, adult children are often faced with several questions of their own. In talking with senior clients, you already have a great understanding of how much they value […]

Reverse Mortgages: Who Exactly Owns the Home?

Over the years, there have been several misconceptions about reverse mortgages – one of the most common being that with a reverse mortgage, the bank takes over ownership of the borrower’s home.  At  Longbridge Financial, we remain committed to educating our Partners and borrowers about the many uses of reverse mortgages – including separating the […]

Top Uses of Reverse Mortgage Products

Imagine what your clients could do with some additional monthly income and improved cashflow. Would they travel more? Spend more time doing the things they love? By offering your clients a reverse mortgage solution, they can leverage a portion of the equity in their homes to use as they wish. Check out some of the most […]

Introducing, The Platinum Origination Channel

Our new Platinum Origination Channel allows your partners to reach older adults who typically take out HELOCs or other mortgage products – and offers seniors a home equity release product with flexibility and borrower protection that’s designed specifically for them.

Platinum Line of Credit VS HELOC

Longbridge Platinum Line of Credit Program offers older clients with higher home values more flexibility than a HELOC, including no monthly mortgage payments!  Why would a senior client on a fixed income choose a loan that requires monthly mortgage payments when they could choose one that doesn’t?

Diversify With Reverse Mortgages

Did you know – homeowners ages 62 and older now own over $7 trillion* of home equity? This is the highest amount of housing wealth on record! But many of these seniors overlook this hidden wealth. Do your clients know about it?

Introducing, Longbridge Platinum Line of Credit

With more reverse mortgage products on the market than ever before, today’s reality is that a HELOC might no longer be the most appropriate choice for older homeowners. The good news – there’s now a HELOC substitute for seniors to help expand your business into a growing market of over $8.05 trillion* in home equity. […]