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A new standard in pricing, service, and support for new reverse mortgage brokers.

With full processing and closing functions, it's everything you need to succeed with reverse mortgages.

The Longbridge Reverse Made Easy program offers a full suite of services and support, including:

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Why reverse mortgages?

They can help move your business forward.

Seniors age 62+ own over $10.1 trillion* of home equity—the highest amount of housing wealth on record. And every day, 10,000 baby boomers retire**—representing a growing population of people who need to free up more cash to fund their retirement. Today’s reverse mortgages enable you to offer products and solutions that meet the needs of this significant and growing market.


Reverse mortgages are a better option than ever for seniors—and for you as an originator. With more product choices than ever, proprietary programs that expand your market, reverse mortgages for purchase, and flexible condo solutions, there are many programs geared to help your clients age more comfortably. Using our Reverse Made Easy model sets your business apart from the competition and gives you an unmatched support system.

How Longbridge makes it easy:

Marketing materials. You’ll have access to ready-made materials through our Online Partner Portal, and/or help in developing your own ideas—equipping you with the tools to inform customers and increase overall success.

Training resources. We offer a range of materials and media so you can use what works best for you—from online video and PowerPoint training sessions, to real-time or on-demand webinars and face-to-face training.

Expanded opportunities. Tap into a broader client base of seniors who own higher-value homes with Longbridge Platinum: our exclusive, proprietary product. It’s an affordable reverse mortgage program designed to be your go-to HELOC substitute for seniors—giving you more opportunities.

Our reverse mortgage broker program is specifically designed to meet your needs.

Partner with Longbridge Financial, and you’ll have easy access to:

The service we provide is based on the support you need.

Choose the processing option that works best for you.
Whether you’re new to reverse mortgages or an experienced broker, Longbridge has a service level to match your needs.

We’re your partner, not your competitor.

At Longbridge Financial, we originate reverse mortgages through our call centers. Working with forward mortgage lenders that also originate reverse mortgages, we deal exclusively with our wholesale partners, rather than build our own forward mortgage channel.

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* “Seniors now have a collective $7 trillion in home equity”,, March 2019.