Why you should partner with Longbridge

The Longbridge Service Guarantee. We make customer service our highest priority. In fact, we feel so strongly about ensuring your satisfaction that we’ve put our list of promises in writing. 

Our servicing website gives you the advantage. We’re one of the only active reverse mortgage lenders with a servicing website that your clients have come to expect with other loan types. Our unique online portal has everything they need to manage their account quickly and easily. 

It’s a non-FHA reverse mortgage program for borrowers with high-value homes or condominiums that may not qualify for a traditional Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM). We designed it to be more flexible, simple, and streamlined than other proprietary products, with attractive options for your clients to choose from:

Either way, it lets your clients access more available funds as compared to a traditional HECM—up to $4M. 

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We’re your partner, not your competitor.

ALL reverse mortgage wholesale buyers in today’s market offer retail originations, in addition to wholesale—but Longbridge Financial originates reverse mortgages exclusively through its call centers, and does not hire on-the-ground loan officers.


In working with forward mortgage lenders that also originate reverse mortgages, Longbridge Financial will be dealing exclusively with wholesale partners—not building our own forward mortgage channel.