Longbridge Platinum: Borrower Uses

While more and more seniors today are using a reverse mortgage to improve their monthly cash flow in retirement, there’s a growing market of savvy seniors who have more lavish goals in mind. Check out our video to see some of the many ways borrowers are leveraging Platinum to fund the retirement of their dreams.

Platinum Line of Credit VS HELOC

Longbridge Platinum Line of Credit Program offers older clients with higher home values more flexibility than a HELOC, including no monthly mortgage payments!  Why would a senior client on a fixed income choose a loan that requires monthly mortgage payments when they could choose one that doesn’t?

Longbridge gives you the whole(sale) package.

In an ultra-competitive environment, you need products that set your business apart. That’s why we work tirelessly to provide our partners with affordable, flexible products designed specifically to better meet the needs of older borrowers with high-value homes. Compared to other offerings in today’s market, we’re confident that the Longbridge Platinum Line of Credit Program […]