Platinum Origination Channel

Introducing the Platinum Origination Channel: Pass it on.


Our proprietary reverse mortgage is now available to more clients—the age limit has changed to 55 and older1.

We created this dedicated channel to give our partners and their Wholesale networks more opportunities.


Now you can offer Longbridge Platinum, our industry-leading proprietary mortgage program, to your Wholesale networks as part of your existing product line—and help them take advantage of a unique opportunity.

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A better option for seniors.

A key addition for lenders.

Seniors age 62+ own more than $11 trillion2 in home equity. And every day, more than 10,000 people reach retirement age3– representing an ever-growing population of seniors who need to free up more cash to fund their retirement.


Our Platinum proprietary mortgage can do precisely that, while offering more available cash than a standard reverse mortgage and more flexibility than a HELOC.

It not only meets the needs of this growing market, but also helps you and your networks take advantage of this significant business opportunity:

Watch now to learn how you can take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

Platinum Origination Channel allows your partners to reach older adults who typically take out HELOCs or other mortgage products—and offers seniors a home equity release product with flexibility and borrower protection that’s designed specifically for them.

Longbridge Platinum features:

For more Platinum product information—including a detailed comparison to a standard HELOC—click here.

As a Platinum Origination Channel partner, you’ll get all the tools you need to succeed.

A dedicated Strategic Partners Manager who works directly with you to help implement operational process flows and develop growth plans for the Platinum program in your business.

Training materials and media based on what works best for you and your networks:

  • Online video and PowerPoint training sessions
  • Real-time or on-demand webinars
  • Face-to-face training available

Marketing materials that you can easily customize for your business:

  • An array of collateral for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer use
  • Anytime access to marketing materials via the Platinum Web Portal
  • Have specific needs? We’ll work with you to develop new materials.

Why Longbridge? Our Platinum program offers borrowers more options. Our Platinum Origination Channel offers you and your Wholesale networks more opportunities.

To get started contact:

Robert Gonsalves 
Strategic Products Manager

  1. Available to borrowers as young as 55 in select states only. Higher minimum age requirements may apply.
  2. “Senior-held home equity falls to $11.62 trillion in Q1 2023,” Reverse Mortgage Daily, June 2023.
  3. Baby Boomers Retire,, December 2010.
  4. The state of MA has a maximum loan amount/lending limit of $2,000,000.


Longbridge Platinum Reverse Mortgage (“Platinum”) is Longbridge Financial, LLC’s proprietary loan program and is not affiliated with the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) loan program, which is insured by FHA. Platinum is available to qualified borrowers who also may be eligible for FHA’s HECM program or are seeking loan proceeds that are higher than FHA’s HECM program limit. Platinum currently is available only for eligible properties in select states. Please contact your loan originator to see if it is currently available in your state.