HECM for Purchase Program

For Seniors: a chance to get the home they really want.
For You: an opportunity to grow your business.

More than 350,000 seniors buy a home each year
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How Longbridge makes it easy:

Dedicated staff and process

Dedicated staff and process

Our HECM for Purchase team is solely focused on the workflow specific to the things that are important for your H4P files — so yours won’t be commingled with other HECM products.
Industry leading turn times

Industry leading turn times

Our experienced underwriters and closers are committed to industry-leading turn times to ensure that your loan closes in a timely basis and you can focus on new production.
Underwriting flexibility

Underwriting flexibility

HECM for Purchase files may receive an underwriting approval without an appraisal, based on the condition of receiving an acceptable appraisal.


We’ll provide tips and training materials to help you submit files that ensure a smooth process and the quickest turn times.

HECM for Purchase at a Glance

What is it?

A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) for Purchase is a reverse mortgage designed for senior home buyers, allowing them to purchase a new home without having to make monthly mortgage payments*.

Who is eligible?

Homeowners, ages 62 and older

How does it help older homeowners? 

  • Can help improve cash flow and preserve retirement assets
  • Gives buyers more flexibility to afford the home they want or need
  • Protects the estate from never owing more than the home is worth

* Borrower is responsible for property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, HOA and property maintenance in order for the loan to remain in good standing. A HECM is a home-secured loan that must be repaid upon default or a maturity event, such as when the home is sold, all homeowners have passed away, or the last surviving borrower no longer lives there as their primary residence.