Getting Started: How Longbridge Works with You

Every day, 10,000 people reach retirement age – representing an ever-growing population of seniors who need to free up more cash to fund their retirement. What are you doing to tap into this market? From processing to servicing, Longbridge Financial offers an array of services to expand your business with reverse mortgages. Our Reverse Made […]

Introducing, The Platinum Origination Channel

Our new Platinum Origination Channel allows your partners to reach older adults who typically take out HELOCs or other mortgage products – and offers seniors a home equity release product with flexibility and borrower protection that’s designed specifically for them.

Longbridge Platinum for Condo Homeowners

Longbridge Platinum expands condo eligibility beyond the restrictive guidelines of the HECM program. Better yet, Platinum can provide your borrowers with lower upfront costs, while expanding your business opportunities to better serve the market of condo homeowners. With Longbridge Platinum, you expand your business opportunities and tap into a growing condo market with great product flexibility.

HECM for Purchase

Did you know – there is a mortgage program designed exclusively for senior homebuyers, making it easier for them to afford the home they want or need? Each year, more than 350,000 seniors purchase a home. And even more, might follow suit if they knew about this program.

Introducing, Longbridge Platinum Line of Credit

With more reverse mortgage products on the market than ever before, today’s reality is that a HELOC might no longer be the most appropriate choice for older homeowners. The good news – there’s now a HELOC substitute for seniors to help expand your business into a growing market of over $8.05 trillion* in home equity. […]