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Robyn Osborn

Senior Partner Support Specialist

Robyn Osborn brings with her a strong background in Traditional and Reverse Mortgages.  She’s worn a lot of hats in the industry as a Processor, Licensed Loan Partner, and Loan Originator.  Robyn most recently worked in Operations and Sales as a Licensed Loan Partner and Reverse Mortgage Processor.  She also has in-depth experience working with production home builders and HECM for Purchase (H4P) loans.

Robyn prides herself on her ability to problem solve and find creative solutions.  She’s attentive, nurturing, accountable, and devoted.  Robyn is very passionate about providing our partners with the knowledge they need to be successful in Reverse Vision, understanding complex guidelines, and helping to financially assess your clients.

Robyn grew up in Southern California and enjoys biking, painting, and spending time with her dogs.

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