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Danielle Barrani

National Account Executive

Danielle Barrani serves as an Account Executive for Longbridge Financial, bringing 16 years of previous experience in the mortgage industry. Prior to her career in reverse mortgages, Danielle spent a decade creating programs, lobbying, and advocating Congress to help pass the now permanent 9/11 Healthcare and Compensation Act for victims of 9/11. As a 9/11 Responder and advocate of the 9/11 Community for over a decade, Danielle has assisted families of the fallen, 9/11 First Responders and Volunteers – helping them to meet requirements for programs, SSDI, PSOB Disability, personal/family needs and occasionally, secure a reverse mortgage. She knows firsthand just how important a reverse mortgage can be in providing respite care to a loved one, financially support those in need, establish an extra “slush fund” money for a rainy day, or just enjoy peace of mind knowing that a line of credit will be there in an emergency, home remodel or a great family vacation.

Danielle has a passion for serving others and is on several local and national community boards. Outside of work, Danielle is a globetrotting social butterfly. She loves to fly, takes too many pictures, loves outdoor concerts, hiking, smiling, laughing, surfing, skiing and interior design.

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